Shancheng Mapo Tofu Seasoning 250 g

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Shancheng Mapo Tofu Seasoning 250 g
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Reviews (13)
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I always used to get the LKK brand for mapo tofu. This one is definitely lore authentic and better
Used with ground turkey, zucchini, tofu. A little spicy.
I usually buy seasonings from other brands and look at the Internet and say it’s good. Try it.
It's the first time I tried this brand, comes in a jar. I've tried the others in packets. This is much spicier and seems very authentic. A little goes a long way. You can see the chilies and individual ingredients. The brands that come in a packet is just a sauce. And this is less salty than the ones in packets. I used ground chicken and silken tofu and poured over rice for my Mapo Tofu meal. My wife who is Caucasian, enjoyed it a lot also.
Not very spicy~ It's quite fragrant
I made Mapo Tofu, and my family likes it~
I bought a bottle, but I didn’t expect to make it three times. If your taste is heavy, you can use it twice; old tofu and tender tofu can be made. I watched the YouTube video and it will be done soon.
Hee hee, I like to eat tofu so I bought it, but I don’t feel the taste is particularly authentic, basically good
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250 g
Shancheng Mapo Tofu Seasoning

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