Taiwan melon 2.8-3.2LB 1 each

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Weee! - Groceries Delivered
Taiwan melon 2.8-3.2LB 1 each
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Taiwan cantaloupe is a bit expensive, and I really can’t buy it without a discount. But it's worth it, it's delicious, the sweetness and crispness are just right. So I bought it again. Thank you weee for making me feel homesick, and hope to launch more products with different characteristics in different countries.
Two of them were bad, and I didn't remember until I was busy until today. Although it looks ugly, it is sweet.
I made a cup of melon yogurt with rice and melon, which tastes very similar
I saw that this cantaloupe is green. It is very similar to the cantaloupe I ate when I was a child. I can’t wait to eat it today. It is not sweet or crispy. It is so different from eating cantaloupe when I was a child. I won’t buy it again.
Cantaloupe is not sweet at all, and it is bitter! A serving of 5 cantaloupes, one of which is very soft and about to go bad! I won't buy it again next time!
Melon fragrant, sweet and juicy, return home in one bite! It’s really not too much to buy back repeatedly~
A serving of five small melons, full of moisture, sweet and delicious
The super small melon is not tasty, not sweet and tasteless. Oh~very disappointed
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1 each
Taiwan melon 2.8-3.2LB