Tree-Ripened Mango Box 12-16pc 13 lb

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Tree-Ripened Mango Box 12-16pc 13 lb
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Reviews (43)
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The packaging is exquisite, but the flesh is soft and it feels about to rot. Costco's organic mangoes are cheap and tender.
Kitty Lin
Really as beautiful as the photo Too much fiber
Slow living
The first box was very delicious, and the second box was repurchased right away. Most of them were young and ripe. The quality control was not effective.
After eating more than half of it, I came to evaluate, the taste will be good, the fiber is really too much~ it's not worth the price, won't repurchase...
There is a lot of silk and the sweetness is not high enough, it is not recommended!
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13 lb

These mangoes are picked after they ripen naturally on the tree. Unlike other varieties of mangoes, you don't need to wait for them to ripen!

Tip: mangoes are a tropical fruit and love warmth.  For peak freshness, store at room temperature (around 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit).