[VENUS] CHON TSU (pork) 2ct 16 oz

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[VENUS] CHON TSU (pork) 2ct 16 oz
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I like to eat rice dumplings, I will buy some to relieve my gluttony
Pupu needs to steam for 40 minutes, why are the meat dumplings expensive?
The threading method of zongzi is simple and simple, no matter how it is cooked, it will release a lot of rice. The meat has no taste. It is not as fat and thin as Dongpo meat. It feels like a colonel's chicken nuggets after removing the fried surface and stuffing it in. The appearance is also very poor. Will not repurchase
The taste of rice is too weak, the meat smell is a bit weird
The package says it’s going to be boiled, I’ll cook it, and then it pops. The rice tastes so weak. I don’t know if it’s gone, but the meat is salty enough to eat. The meat is quite big.
It's really not delicious and tastes weird ?
Delicious meat dumplings! ? Very convenient for lunch
I have been out of stock until I finally bought it, hope it's delicious
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United States
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16 oz
[VENUS] CHON TSU (pork) 2ct