Vegas Hotpot Mini Pan 1 count

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Vegas Hotpot Mini Pan 1 count
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Reviews (4)
The frying pan is so good that children can cook and eat by themselves, and it is easy to clean up. Weee is too powerful, and you can always buy good things to your heart.
Pan is a little hard to wash but it heats up well enough. It does what it suppose to do for $8.99
What a crappy grill. Don't waste your money people, the heat is extremely low, you can't grill anything.
The material is not written, it is shallow, I also bought a one-person instant noodle pot to make a small hot pot for one person, one pot.
Unit Qty:
1 count

We pick the color. You pick the recipe. Tastiness always pairs with beauty in these pans with 8.7 inches width x 2.8 inches height (22cm x 7cm). Impress your guests and serve.