Vege Squid Ball,9oz

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Vege Squid Ball,9oz
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Reviews (6)
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I don’t know if I bought it for the first time. I don’t know how to eat it.
Athena Hing Hing
With a side dish, the matching noodles are also very good. You can eat it when you are hot (I want to eat coldly, right?)
Athena Hing Hing
Very convenient, you can eat it when you turn it back on. Some vegetables are also good under the bottom. Other specials and then repurchase
Athena Hing Hing
I received it yesterday and I got hot! Like, have a bit of sweet taste and taste crispy. I padded some rapeseed underneath and ate it. The special price will be bought again.
It tastes good, if you can do it like a waist, it will be more appetizing.
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