Vietnam R2E2 Australia mango 7-8 count

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Vietnam R2E2 Australia mango 7-8 count
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Reviews (1)
Not bad, the taste is very delicate, there is no fiber, and the seeds inside are not particularly small. The taste is not the same as that of Mexican mango. It has the flavor of Asian mango. The mango has a strong taste, but it is not as big as a small watermelon. A little bigger than Mexican mango. But I always feel that the price is too expensive.
Unit Qty:
7-8 count

New Shipment R2E2 Australian Mango from Vietnam. 

The R2E2 mango variety was introduced from Australia in 2003 to Vietnam. A few years ago, Vietnamese farmers increased their production by almost 10 times due to the soaring demand from China. Since then, the R2E2 mango has become the most popular mango variety grown in central Vietnam. The size of the R2E2 mango is generally very big, 600-900 gram/piece, some weigh more than 1kg.