Zhi Wei Guan Longjin Red Bean Cake 150 g

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Zhi Wei Guan Longjin Red Bean Cake 150 g
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Reviews (31)
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Jack Wu
It's pretty good, it's the one I like
Longjing pastry tastes pretty good, but there are only five in a box.
Each box contains 5 pieces of shortbread individually packaged. It's exquisite.
The taste of this one is so-so, the surface of the meringue is a bit of Longjing flavor, the red bean filling is made so-so, the texture is stiff and dull, and the sweetness is good and moderate. The overall taste is a bit like Soviet-style moon cakes. Bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for a minute or two before eating it. It will taste better. According to this quality, the price is too high and it is absolutely uneconomical. As for whether to repurchase, it may be considered when the price is on sale, depending on whether other similar products are more cost-effective.
Jack Wu
The taste is ok (this is just one of them)
Melody Hui Guo
It's not sweet and looks good. Only $6.99 in a box contains six biscuits in a blink of an eye!
Expensive not worth the price!
To be honest, the Longjing flavor is really not tasted 🤣, but the red bean flavor is good, if the sweetness of the tea is good, but I can not taste the sweetness with a cup of coffee!
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Unit Qty:
150 g
Wheat (Gluten), Soy.
Zhi Wei Guan Longjin Red Bean Cake