iCook Hargow Shrimp Dumplings 7.05 oz

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iCook Hargow Shrimp Dumplings 7.05 oz
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Reviews (275)
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I saw the comments saying it was OK, so I bought it and tried it.
The filling is full of shrimp and bamboo, and taste very fresh. Almost as good as from the restaurant. It's the best frozen Hargow I've had so far. Will purchase again.
Very good prawn dumplings with whole prawns
It's delicious! The filling is thick and delicious! Will repurchase!
This shrimp dumpling is average, the skin is softer but not springy. The shrimp dumplings are not special, so they should not be repurchased.
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Unit Qty:
7.05 oz

Ingredients: Filling (51.03%), prawns (penaeus vannamei) (47.98%), bamboo shoots, prawn mince, soybean oil, water, sugar, potato flour, flavor enhancer, salt, sesame oil, pepper trehalose, casing (48.97%) (water, wheat strach, potato flour, soybean oil, salt).

Allergens: Wheat, prawn, soybean oil, sesame oil.

Storage conditions: Keep frozen until use.

Tiny, juicy, and scrumptious shrimp dumplings. Translucent peels cover the magic meat within. Snackable, poppable, and you'll be unstoppable. With eight in a package, steam or microwave to enjoy them in one sitting.


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