Sand Pears 4.8-5.2 lb

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Sand Pears 4.8-5.2 lb
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Reviews (693)
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No taste. Flavorless. Not sweet. Good crunch but feels like I’m eating Jicama.
✨ YS✨
This is the second time I bought it, the first time I received it was sweeter
The pears are average, not as good as the pears I always bought before
✨ YS✨
The second repurchase, the family likes it
Very fresh crystal pear 🍐, it is also quite crisp and sweet when eaten alone. The white fungus and snow pear soup is even better! (๑´ڡ`๑)
✨ YS✨
I used to buy sweet duck pears, but this time I tried crystal pears. Crystal pears are crisper but not sweet
Very good crystal pear. But after receiving it, five of the seven showed signs of damage.
The one I bought this time has no sweetness, fresh enough but not juicy, only a crunchy texture.
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Unit Qty:
4.8-5.2 lb

Sand pears is the perfect name, to be honest. That typical gritty pear texture is irresistible. Unlike the more common European pears that are soft and juicy, these are crisp and best enjoyed peeled. Slice them up on a cheese plate, and you're practically set for life. The real question is, why would you want to miss out?