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Buy jam online

Jam: A Delicious Spread with Cultural Significance. Jam is a sweet and flavorful spread made from fruit, sugar, and sometimes pectin. Dating back centuries, jam has been enjoyed all over the world as a versatile condiment for bread, pastries, and more. This landing page is dedicated to exploring the importance of jam in various cultures, providing a collection of delicious jam recipes, detailing the necessary equipment for making jam at home, offering step-by-step cooking instructions, and recommending related jam products and recipes for further culinary inspiration. Whether you're a seasoned jam maker or looking to try your hand at homema

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Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam

Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam

Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam is the ideal choice for those seeking versatile and tasty jams. Packed with an assortment of fruits, it provides an explosion of taste, making any dish flavorful. It can be used in Asian dishes like pancakes or tart filling. It makes a healthier choice thanks to its fruit content, offering vitamins and fiber, enhancing buyer's nutritional intake. Convenient and with an enduring shelf-life, a click on 'Jam', it promises an enriching culinary experience.


Bonne Mamman Strawberry Preserves

Bonne Mamman Strawberry Preserves

Bonne Mamman Strawberry Preserves bring classic sweetness to your pantry. Made with the finest strawberries, this preserve excels in flavor. Relish its taste in Asian desserts like mochi or strawberry-filled crepes. Offering natural and straightforward ingredients, it's a healthier alternative to artificially flavored jams. Convenience isn't compromised as it comes packed in a desirable glass jar, ready to spread on toast or bake in a pastry.

$7.99 - $8.49
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Kuze Fuku & Sons Strawberry Premium Jam

Kuze Fuku & Sons Strawberry Premium Jam

You'll love the Kuze Fuku & Sons jam, a premium treat known for its robust strawberry flavor. This artisan blend adheres to high-quality standards, with mouthwatering sweetness perfect for any dish. Amp up an oriental dessert, like sesames balls, by using it as a filling or use as a tangy glaze on Asian-style chicken. It offers a tasty way to enjoy the health benefits of strawberries. Convenience is unparalleled, adding immediate flavor without the fuss. Just the perfect pick for those seeking high-quality and versatile jams.

$5.99 - $6.79
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Philippine Brand Mango Jam

Philippine Brand Mango Jam

This mango jam is perfect for jam enthusiasts seeking an exotic pantry staple. Made from succulent Philippine mangoes, this jam promises a balance of sweet and tangy flavors in every bite. Ideal for Asian-inspired dishes like peanut-sesame noodles or as a glaze for poultry and meats, it can also be a fragrant addition to desserts or breakfast spreads. Health-conscious buyers will appreciate its natural ingredients, making it a nutrient-rich option for your daily diet. Guarantee a burst of tropical flavors from a jar that's conveniently available online. Experience a taste of the Philippines, any time, any day.


Philippine Brand Pineapple Jam

Philippine Brand Pineapple Jam

"Philippine Brand Pineapple Jam offers a delightful tropical twist to your favorite spread. This unique fruit jam incorporated in Asian dishes like pineapple tarts, complements flavors remarkably. It brings a balance of sweetness and tanginess, adding an enticing layer to any meal. Conveniently packed, it's a healthier choice with pure fruit content and reduced sugar, perfect for wellness-conscious individuals. Enjoy the taste of ripe pineapples anytime."

Popular recipes

Sweet and Spicy Jam Chicken

This delicious stir-fry combines the sweetness of jam with the spiciness of Asian flavors for a perfect balance of taste.

Asian Jam Glazed Salmon

A simple and flavorful dish made in an instant pot, this jam glazed salmon is perfect for a quick and easy meal packed with Asian flair.

Jam Fried Rice

This tasty fried rice made in a rice cooker is elevated with the sweetness of jam, creating a unique and delicious dish.

Sticky Jam Pork Belly

Tender pork belly cooked to perfection in a sticky jam sauce, this dish brings together the best of Asian and sweet flavors in one delightful meal.

Spicy Jam Noodles

These spicy noodles pack a punch of flavor with the addition of jam, creating a unique and satisfying Asian-inspired dish.

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Frequently asked questions

What is jam?

Jam is a spread made from fruit and sugar, cooked until it reaches a thick, spreadable consistency.

Is jam the same as jelly?

No, jam contains fruit pulp while jelly is made from fruit juice.

Can jam be frozen?

Yes, jam can be frozen to extend its shelf life.

Is jam vegan?

Most jams are vegan, but it's important to check the ingredients to be sure.

How long does jam last?

Unopened jam can last up to 2 years, while opened jam should be consumed within a few weeks.

Can homemade jam be preserved?

Yes, homemade jam can be preserved through canning or proper sealing techniques.

Can jam be made with artificial sweeteners?

Yes, jam can be made with artificial sweeteners for a lower calorie option.

What are some creative ways to use jam?

Jam can be swirled into yogurt, spread on toast, used as a topping for pancakes or mixed into salad dressings.

What are the most common flavors of jam?

Some common flavors of jam include strawberry, raspberry, apricot, and blackberry.

How should jam be stored?

Jam should be stored in the refrigerator after opening to prolong its shelf life.

Can jam be used as a baking ingredient?

Yes, jam can be used in baking to add flavor and moisture to cakes, muffins, and cookies.

Can jam be used in savory dishes?

Yes, jam can be used as a glaze for meat dishes or mixed into sauces for a sweet and savory flavor.

Can jam be made without sugar?

Yes, jam can be made with alternative sweeteners like honey or stevia.

How is jam different from marmalade?

Jam is made from fruit pulp and sugar, while marmalade is made from citrus fruit peel and pulp.

Is jam high in calories?

Jam is relatively high in calories due to its sugar content, but can be enjoyed in moderation.

Where can I buy jam?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,