Buy Okame natto online

Buy Okame natto online

Discover the rich cultural significance of Okame Natto and learn how to incorporate this traditional Japanese dish into your kitchen. From its humble origins to its health benefits, our page covers everything you need to know about Okame Natto. Whether you're a seasoned chef or just starting out, we provide detailed recipes, recommended equipment, and step-by-step cooking instructions to help you create delicious dishes with Okame Natto. Explore our collection of related products and recipes to expand your culinary repertoire and immerse yourself in the world of Japanese cuisine.

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Shirakiku Okame Kotsubu Natto 3P Frozen

Shirakiku Okame Kotsubu Natto 3P Frozen

Ideal for lovers of Japanese cuisine, Shirakiku Okame Kotsubu Natto is a traditional and nutritious choice. As frozen food, it promises convenience without sacrificing quality. It offers robust umami flavor, often enjoyed with sushi or rice. The frozen aspect ensures longer shelf-life and freshness on demand. Rich in protein and fiber, it is a health-conscious selection. Ideal for the curious foodie searching for Okame Natto.

$1.99 - $3.49
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Mizkan Kintsubu Niowa Natto Low Smell Frozen 3pk

Mizkan Kintsubu Niowa Natto Low Smell Frozen 3pk

This item is ideal for those seeking Okame Natto. Mizkan Kintsubu Niowa Natto Low Smell Frozen 3pk offers traditional fermented soybeans with reduced odor, a hallmark of natto. Frozen, it provides convenience and longevity. Perfect for adding to Japanese dishes like sushi or rice bowls. Its bold, umami flavor complements various recipes. A healthy option, it's rich in protein and probiotics promoting gut health. Ideal choice for Okame Natto fans who value taste, health and convenience.

$1.59 - $2.79
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Mizkan Kintsubu Toromame Natto Rich Flavor Frozen 3pk

Mizkan Kintsubu Toromame Natto Rich Flavor Frozen 3pk

This product is an excellent choice for those scouring the grocery app for Okame Natto. It's a treasured component of various Asian dishes like sushi and miso soup, enhancing the flavor profile with its rich taste. Being frozen ensures an extended shelf life, allowing you to conveniently indulge in this authentic Japanese Natto whenever you want. Substantially nutritious, the Mizkan Kintsubu Toromame Natto supports a balanced diet by supplying ample proteins and probiotics. Ideal for Natto enthusiasts and health-conscious folks!

$1.99 - $2.79
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Mizkan Kintsubu Natto Black vinegar with Plum Flavor Frozen 3pk 4.7 oz

Mizkan Kintsubu Natto Black vinegar with Plum Flavor Frozen 3pk 4.7 oz

The Mizkan Kintsubu Natto is a superb choice for those seeking traditional Okame Natto. It boasts a unique plum flavor blended with black vinegar, enhancing the umami-rich taste typical in Japanese cuisine. It can be a flavorful addition to sushi, salads, or as a standalone side dish. As a frozen item, it offers the convenience of long shelf-life and freshness upon thawing. Moreover, it is a health-friendly product, loaded with beneficial probiotics and rich in protein. Ideal for those exploring rich, tangy, and authentic Asian flavors.

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Shirakiku Natto Mito Organic Fermented Soybean 135.9 g (min 2)

Shirakiku Natto Mito Organic Fermented Soybean 135.9 g

This fermented soybean product stands out for its organic nature, ensuring premium quality and taste. Being similar to Okame Natto, it's perfect to add in traditional Asian stir-fries or sushi dishes, offering a distinctive savory, umami-rich flavor profile. As a health-conscious choice, it's packed with probiotics, fiber, and vitamins. If bought frozen, it offers longer shelf-life and enhanced freshness, ensuring convenient use anytime.

$1.88 - $2.99
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Popular recipes

Natto Fried Rice

This easy and flavorful fried rice recipe combines the unique taste of okame natto with classic Asian flavors. Simply stir-fry cooked rice, vegetables, and scrambled eggs with sautéed okame natto for a delicious meal.

Natto and Egg Hot Pot

Warm up with this comforting hot pot recipe featuring okame natto and beaten eggs cooked in a savory broth flavored with soy sauce, mirin, and dashi. Perfect for a cozy night in!

Natto Stir-Fry with Vegetables

Whip up a quick and nutritious stir-fry by sautéing okame natto with colorful bell peppers, snow peas, and sliced mushrooms in a soy sauce-based sauce. Serve over steamed rice for a complete meal.

Instant Pot Natto Congee

This creamy and comforting congee recipe can be made easily in the Instant Pot. Simply combine okame natto, rice, broth, and ginger in the pot and pressure cook for a delicious porridge-like dish.

Natto and Tofu Rice Bowl

Create a protein-packed meal by topping steamed rice with sautéed okame natto, diced tofu, and a drizzle of teriyaki sauce. This simple and satisfying rice bowl is great for a quick and nutritious lunch.

Okame Natto near me

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Frequently asked questions

What is okame natto?

Okame natto is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans.

How long does okame natto last in the refrigerator?

Okame natto can last up to 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator.

How is okame natto typically eaten?

Okame natto is often eaten with rice and toppings such as green onions and soy sauce.

Can I cook okame natto?

Okame natto is typically eaten as is, but you can also incorporate it into dishes like stir-fries and salads.

Is okame natto vegan?

Yes, okame natto is a vegan food as it is made from soybeans.

Is okame natto spicy?

Okame natto has a unique umami flavor and is not typically spicy.

What dishes can I incorporate okame natto into?

You can add okame natto to dishes like sushi rolls, wraps, and soups for added flavor and nutrition.

Where can I buy okame natto?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,

How do I store okame natto?

Okame natto should be stored in the refrigerator to maintain its freshness.

Can I freeze okame natto?

It is not recommended to freeze okame natto as it can change the texture and flavor.

Is okame natto gluten-free?

Yes, okame natto is naturally gluten-free as it is made from soybeans.

What are the health benefits of okame natto?

Okame natto is high in protein, fiber, and probiotics, which can support gut health.

Can I microwave okame natto?

Yes, you can microwave okame natto for a quick and easy meal.

How can I make okame natto at home?

To make okame natto at home, you will need soybeans, natto spores, and a natto maker.

Is okame natto a good source of protein?

Yes, okame natto is a good source of plant-based protein, making it a nutritious addition to your diet.