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Gourmet Farm Organic Pickled Cabbage, Shredded

Gourmet Farm Organic Pickled Cabbage, Shredded

A customer craving pickled cabbage will relish Gourmet Farm's version. It's organic, ensuring you a healthy and chemical-free serving. It's shredded, making it ideal for Asian cuisine like kimchi, dumplings or bao buns. Enjoy the tangy, crisp, and delightful flavor of this nutritious, fermented delight.

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Ma Ling Pickled Cabbage (min 4)

Ma Ling Pickled Cabbage

The Ma Ling Pickled Cabbage offers a burst of tangy flavor, enhancing Asian dishes such as hot pots and stir-fries. Its sour taste adds depth, offering a unique gastronomical experience. As a preserved item, its extended shelf life makes it a convenient choice. Moreover, it's a healthy option, packed with probiotics for gut health. Ideal for consumers searching for Pickled Cabbage.


Gourmet Farm Organic Pickled Cabbage

Gourmet Farm Organic Pickled Cabbage

This organic pickled cabbage thrills with its exquisite taste and quality. Perfect for Asian dishes like dumplings or kimchi, it adds tanginess that blends well with a variety of ingredients. Buying it frozen is convenient, ensuring long shelf-life while maintaining taste and nutrients. Its organic nature excludes harmful chemicals, promoting healthier eating. Ideal for those seeking tangy flavors or creating Asian culinary delights with pickled cabbage.

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Buddha Brand Sour Pickled Green Mustard

Buddha Brand Sour Pickled Green Mustard

This tangy, sour-pickled green mustard is a great alternative to traditional cabbage in Asian cuisine. It lends a crunchy, varying texture and tart flavor to meals. Ideal for stir-fries, noodle dishes, and dumplings, it not only enhances taste but is beneficial to health, chock-full of nutrients. When frozen, it's an easy, ready-to-use, long-lasting option for quick meal prep. Key phrases: Asian dishes, pickled vegetable, health benefits, lasting freshness, convenience.


ChuanBaWang Pickled Cabbage (min 4)

ChuanBaWang Pickled Cabbage

ChuanBaWang Pickled Cabbage is an excellent selection for lovers of Asian cuisine. This aromatic condiment adds a tangy and sour punch to dishes. Ideal for creating authentic kimchi or accentuating stir-fries and noodle bowls. As a preserved item, its long shelf life offers convenient, lasting flavor. Packed with probiotics, it supports digestion and gut health. Perfect for those seeking to add a unique taste to their meals.

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