Purchase ube ice online

Purchase ube ice online

Immerse yourself in the delightful world of Ube Ice, a delicious and vibrant dessert that holds deep cultural significance in the Philippines. This page aims to comprehensively cover the allure of Ube Ice, offering insightful knowledge about its history, nutritional value, and most importantly, the art of making it. With rich discussions, a variety of recipes, an in-depth guide to required kitchen utensils and step-by-step cooking instructions, visitors can expect a thorough exploration of this culinary masterpiece. Moreover, the page introduces related products and alternative recipes for those inspired by the flavor exuberance of Ube Ice.

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Magnolia Ube Ice Cream 48 oz

Magnolia Ube Ice Cream 48 oz

Magnolia Ube Ice Cream is an indulgent treat featuring the distinct, sweet flavor of purple ube yam. This 48oz size offers ample servings. Being a Filipino dessert, it is perfect for halo-halo or served with leche flan. Buying it frozen is convenient as you can consume it at your leisure. It's a healthier alternative with lower fat content compared to typical western style ice creams. Enjoy this exotic Asian treat anytime.

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Magnolia Ube Macapuno Ice Cream

Magnolia Ube Macapuno Ice Cream

Packed with exotic Ube (purple yam) flavor, Magnolia Ube Macapuno Ice Cream is a luscious delicacy and an authentic Filipino dessert. The richness of ube combined with the sweetness of macapuno (coconut sport) is sure to satisfy your cravings. This ice cream is a suitable topping to Filipino-style Halo-Halo dessert or can also be served as standalone. Magnolia's offering enhances your Asian cuisine experience with its unique taste. Conveniently frozen for lasting freshness. A definite must-try for any Ube lover.

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Popular recipes

Ube Ice Rice Pudding

A quick and easy take on the classic rice pudding, this recipe transforms it into a sweet and vibrant dessert with the use of . The dish is cooked in a rice cooker, making it effortless and fuss-free. Sweet, creamy, with a hint of nuttiness from the ube, it's a closing course that will wow your dinner guests. You will need: ube ice, jasmine rice, condensed milk, coconut milk, and pandan leaves.

Ube Ice Halo Halo

A staple in Filipino dessert cuisine, Halo Halo's layered goodness can be easily recreated at home using an Instant Pot. is the star ingredient here, adding a rich and unusual twist to this tropical dessert. You will love the texture and flavor combo of sweetened Jackfruit, Leche flan, and crushed ice topped with delightful ube ice cream. The ingredients required are: ube ice, sweetened jackfruit, leche flan, evaporated milk, and crushed ice.

Ube Ice Mochi

A Japanese ice cream delight that is easy to whip up in a kitchen with basic tools. The key flavors come from and sweet rice flour that creates a unique chewy texture around the ice cream. Adding toasted sesame seeds on top gives it a delicious crunch that perfectly complements the ube. The ingredients you will need: ube ice, sweet rice flour, sugar, water, and toasted sesame seeds.

Stir-fried Ube Ice Cream with Coconut Flakes

This recipe is an original take on desserts that's guaranteed to impress. It's simply stir-fried garnished with coconut flakes and it's amazingly delicious. A drizzle of honey brings sweetness that perfectly balances the creamy ube and nutty coconut. All you need is: ube ice, coconut flakes, honey, butter, and pandan leaves.

Ube Ice Tapioca Pudding

A dreamy dessert influenced by Taiwanese bubble tea - the chewy tapioca pearls coated with fragrant ube ice cream is a match made in heaven. Topped with some toasted coconut, this dessert is a delightful mix of textures and flavors. To make this, you will need: ube ice, tapioca pearls, brown sugar, water, and toasted coconut. Enjoy!

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Frequently asked questions

What is Ube Ice?

Ube Ice is a sweet and creamy dessert made from the purple yam called ube, which is indigenous to the Philippines. It is similar to ice cream and often consumed as a dessert or snack.

What is the color of Ube Ice?

Ube Ice has an attractive purple color that comes naturally from the ube yam.

How is Ube Ice made?

Ube Ice is typically made by mixing boiled and mashed ube yams with condensed milk, cream, sugar and then freezing the mixture.

What is the origin of Ube Ice?

Ube Ice originates from the Philippines where the ube yam is a staple and used in a variety of desserts.

What are the ingredients in Ube Ice?

The main ingredients in Ube Ice are ube yams, condensed milk, cream and sugar.

Can people with lactose intolerance eat Ube Ice?

Ube Ice typically contains dairy products, so it may not be suitable for people with lactose intolerance unless it's made with alternative non-dairy ingredients.

Can Ube Ice be used in other desserts?

Yes, Ube Ice is versatile and can be used as a topping or ingredient in other desserts such as cakes, shakes, and sundae.

How should Ube Ice be stored?

Ube Ice should be stored in a properly sealed container in the freezer to maintain the quality and prevent it from melting.

What does Ube Ice taste like?

Ube Ice has a unique, slightly nutty flavor that can be described as a blend of vanilla, pistachio, and coconut. It has a subtle sweetness that isn't overpowering.

Is Ube Ice healthy?

While Ube Ice does contain sugar, it also contains healthy nutrients since it's made from ube yams, which are rich in vitamins and fiber.

Can I make Ube Ice at home?

Yes, you can make Ube Ice at home if you have the necessary ingredients. It's a relatively simple process that mainly requires boiling, mashing, and freezing.

Is Ube Ice the same as purple sweet potato ice?

While they both have a similar color, Ube Ice and purple sweet potato ice are not the same. They are made from different types of yams and have distinct flavors.

Is Ube Ice suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Ube Ice is normally suitable for vegetarians as it doesn't contain any meat products.

Can I eat Ube Ice if I have nut allergies?

Ube Ice is generally safe for people with nut allergies unless it’s been cross-contaminated or has added toppings containing nuts.

Where can I buy Ube Ice?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market, www.sayweee.com.

How long can Ube Ice last in the freezer?

If stored properly, Ube Ice can last for up to two weeks in the freezer.