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Bear Household Automatic Bean Sprouts Purple Sand Ceramic Pot Power Off Memory 1 each


Made In:Mainland ChinaUnit Qty:1 each


It uses a microcomputer menu to automatically plant various beans such as green/yellow bean sprouts, peas/water spinach/broad beans/red bean sprouts, etc.
It carefully selects the Dapu original ore·Zhen Zisha to simulate the soil planting environment and cultivate the fresh, tender and fat bean sprouts
It has three cultivation modes: green soybeans, vegetable teeth, and other beans, which provide the most suitable care for bean sprouts
Its purple sand weight plate makes the bean sprouts grow thick and juicy, sweet and crisp
It counts down by growing days, knows the time at a glance, and does not miss the harvest day
It has a power-off memory function, not afraid of forgetting the program, and automatically continues the original program after power-on

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