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Black Ball

Black Ball Matcha Jelly 3ct 390 g

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Made In:United StatesUnit Qty:390 gBrand:Black Ball
Dietary Needs:
Gluten FreeVegan


Passed down through centuries, the first person who introduced the philosophy of Zen in Japan
was also the first to grind shade-grown green tea leaves into powder form, known as Matcha.
Since, Zen and Matcha have become inextricably bound together.
Introducing our Premium Matcha Jelly, renowned in Taiwan since 2006 for its authentic and
freshness. Using finest first flush tea leaves in Uji region of Kyoto known for its legendary
Green Tea, where the we are honored to share this profound beauty of simple dessert. Our
Matcha Jelly allows you to relieve the pressure accumulated in body and mind for spiritual
refreshment. Enjoy Matcha Jelly, find Zen.
Our jellies are freshly cooked locally in the USA using the finest natural premium ingredients for
the best quality and taste. Our products have been certified by Vegan.org


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