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Chaimi Shanghai Braised Deep-fried Bean Curd 300 g

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Chaimi Shanghai Braised Deep-fried Bean Curd
Shanghai Braised Vegetarian Chicken is a traditional local dish, representing one of the classic flavors in Shanghai's culinary heritage. This delicious dish features frozen vegetarian chicken as the main ingredient, complemented with selected additives such as oil and sugar, resulting in a culinary masterpiece.


Rich in Protein: Vegetarian chicken contains abundant protein, with tofu protein being a complete protein that includes all eight essential amino acids required by the human body. Its protein composition closely resembles the body's needs, providing high nutritional value.


Benefits of Lecithin: The lecithin in vegetarian chicken helps remove cholesterol attached to blood vessel walls, preventing arterial hardening and cardiovascular diseases, offering effective protection to the heart.


Various Minerals: This dish also contains a variety of minerals, especially calcium, contributing to bone health by preventing osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency. It is particularly beneficial for the bone growth and well-being of children and the elderly.


In summary, Shanghai Braised Vegetarian Chicken not only boasts a distinctive taste but also provides comprehensive health benefits. Its traditional craftsmanship and carefully selected ingredients ensure a unique position in Shanghai's culinary culture, offering diners a genuine culinary journey through local flavors.





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