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FOODIE One Bite! Ball Link & Vegetables and Spicy Sauce, Stir-Fried Soondae Meal-kit 22 oz

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Made In:United StatesUnit Qty:22 ozBrand:Foodie
Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


[ FOODIE - One Bite! Ball Link & Vegetables and Spicy Sauce ]

This is a stir-fried sundae meal kit product that you can easily enjoy at home, containing a stuffed glutinous rice ball sundae that brings out the original taste of Byeongcheon sundae, well-prepared vegetables (cabbage/onion/green onion/carrot), and spicy stir-fry sundae sauce.


[ Please enjoy this product as ]

1) A late-night snack to enjoy when you're hungry.

2) Drinking snacks for adults


[ Cooking Instructions ]

STEP 1. Sundae (Link) Cooking

1) After defrosting the Sundae in the refrigerator, place the unopened vacuum pack containing the Sundae in boiling water and boil for about 7 minutes. Turn off the stove and let it rest inside the pot for another 5 minutes.

2) Remove the Sundae from the vacuum pack and let it cool for about 7 to 10 minutes.

STEP 2. Stir-fry Cooking

1) After lightly rinsing the enclosed vegetables under running water, dry them completely and chop to preference.

2) Lightly oil a frying pan, add vegetables over medium heat, and stir-fry evenly for 3-4 minutes.

3) Add Sundae, Sundae Sauce, and 20 ml of water and stir-fry together over low heat for 7-8 minutes.

4) Serve on a plate and enjoy.

* TIP 1: Sundae can also be cooked in an air fryer (350F) for 7 minutes or in a microwave (700W) for 2 minutes after removing from the vacuum pack.

* TIP 2: If you stir-fry the Sundae for too long, the Sundae may break.

* TIP 3: Elevate your stir-fried Sundae by adding various toppings such as perilla seed powder, minced garlic, rice cake, etc. according to your preference.

** Caution: Ensure the Sundae is cooked to an internal temperature of 165F or higher. If the product is thawed and refrozen, the quality may change.


[ Introduction - FOODIE ]

FOODIE is a Korean home-cooked food brand with over 10 years of tradition, producing products such as tteokgalbi, hamburger steak, sundae, and stir-fried sundae.

All products are made in safe and clean production facilities certified by USDA, Organic, and GMP.

The entire process, from raw material selection to production and delivery, is carried out with honesty and sincerity, with the heart of a mother who loves her family.

When you miss the taste of Korea or the loving care of your mother's cooking, choose from FOODIE's various products.




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