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Imported Sharon Fruit Persimmon 1 case

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Made In:IsraelUnit Qty:1 case


Imported Sharon Fruit Persimmon

Taste Sharon fruit is the trade name for a variety of persimmon whose astringency has been artificially removed, so it can be eaten at all stages of maturity. They have a similar plump shape of a tomato, averaging 5-8 centimeters in diameter, topped with a green or brown calyx. Their thin, waxy, edible skin is pale to reddish-orange in color when ripe, and the orange flesh is almost always seedless, has no core, and is void of any bitterness. It offers a sweet flavor, even if it is still immature and firm, with a crisp and succulent texture. As the fruit matures, it softens to a custard-like consistency, developing a more complex sweet flavor with hints of brown sugar.


Sharon fruit - Discovered

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