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Laoganma Fermented Bean Curd Chili Oil 260 g

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Canned Preserved & Fermented Packaged Food Canned Food Dry Meat Sung Stinky Tofu
Made In:Mainland ChinaUnit Qty:260 gBrand:LGM
Dietary Needs:
Sugar FreeCholesterol-Free

Laoganma Fermented Bean Curd Chili Oil 260 g Description

Ingredients: Soybean, soybean oil, water, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, salt, chili, pepper powder, and sulfite (sulfur dioxide).

Storage conditions: Please refrigerate after opening.

Nothing to cook for dinner, right? Then there's this red jar. Full of high-quality soybeans and local chili—there’s a sesame oil flavor that’s not too spicy. Add it to some rice. Bam. Add it to a noodle sauce with some white wine. Bam. Add it to a hot pot. Bam Bam. Keep your friends close and this Laoganma chili oil jar closer.