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Orange Hokkaido Vanilla Cream Waffle, Frozen 3.8 oz

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Made In:JapanUnit Qty:3.8 ozBrand:Orange
Milk,Eggs,Wheat (Gluten).


Orange Hokkaido Vanilla Cream Waffle

Selected high-quality wheat flour cream and other raw materials are made with ingenuity. The outer skin is soft and sweet, with the vanilla cream filling, the milky taste is fragrant, sweet but not greasy, and the flavor is unique. Eat it on ice, you will have the taste of eating ice cream waffles in your mouth!

Ingredients: egg, milk, wheat flour, whipped cream, coconut oil, buttermilk powder, concentrated wheat protein powder, wheat flour, dextrin, emulsifier, milk protein, wheat salt, artificial flavor, thickener, sweetened egg yolk, Modified fats, baking powder, condensed milk, fresh milk, almonds, flour blends

Storage conditions: cryopreservation

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