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Qing Shan Dao Yellow Croaker Gutted Butterfly, Frozen 400-500 g

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Qing Shan Dao Yellow Croaker Gutted Butterfly, Frozen Reviews(10)

May 24, 2022
Golden Croaker Sautéed with Yukon Gold Potato and Microgreen Salad Yukon Gold Potato Stir-Fry (Qingshan Island Sango Open Back) Large Yellow Croaker with Micro Green Salad It is recommended to fry slowly in a pan, do not cover the pan during the whole process, and do not turn it frequently. First fry the potatoes, then add the yellow croaker (Weee! Online shopping), the aroma of the two is combined to increase the layering. Sprinkle chopped garlic sprouts or use chopped green onion, coriander, basil, etc. instead. Add some oil to stir fry, such as heat-resistant canola oil, which is not easy to burn and has the lowest saturated fat content for heart health. After adding potatoes and croaker, add butter and other seasonings. Seasoning depends on taste. For example, the traditional onion, ginger and garlic, fry in oil until fragrant, remove and then add the ingredients and stir-fry. Serve with micro salad greens. Micro vegetables ☞ The tender seedlings of vegetables, generally three to five inches, have only cotyledons or a few true leaves. Depending on the variety, it takes about one to three weeks from sowing to harvesting, with an average of less than two weeks. Vegetables at this stage have the highest nutrient density index, which has been favored in recent years and has become popular. Due to the simple operation and fast cycle, or hydroponics or soil cultivation, more and more people grow their own micro-vegetables. Four of the original salads are grown at home: cabbage cabbage (named differently from place to place: cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, etc.), broccoli broccoli, Mizuna Red Streaks (with red stripes), and purple radish. Also added julienned purple onions and small red bell peppers. The following seasonings are for reference (Trader Joe’s) Olive Oil Trader Joe's Olive oil White Vinegar Trader Giotto's White Modena Vinegar Mango-flavored white wine Secco Mango Mangocini Green Goddess seasoning blend Sesame oil light flavor (Asian supermarket) Sea salt
Made In:Mainland ChinaUnit Qty:400-500 g

Qing Shan Dao Yellow Croaker Gutted Butterfly, Frozen Description

High-quality yellow croaker fish with natural color. The meat is smooth and tender. Suitable for braising, steaming, and frying. Easy to cook!

Storage condition: Keep frozen

Qing Shan Dao Yellow Croaker Gutted Butterfly, Frozen