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Round Kumquat 1 lb

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Kinkans vary in appearance, depending on the variety, and generally average 2 to 4 centimeters in length with an oval to round shape. The fruit's peel is semi-thin, smooth, taut, and glossy and is covered in visible oil glands. The peel also ranges in color from golden yellow to dark orange with red undertones and clings tightly to the tender, firm flesh. The pale yellow to orange flesh is moderately juicy and somewhat chewy, encasing anywhere from 1 to 6 cream-colored to green seeds. Kinkans release aromatic oils from the peel, creating a sweet, fruity, and bright fragrance, and the entire fruit is edible, including the rind, flesh, and seeds. The fruit's peel is sweet, subtly floral, and fruity, balancing the tart, sour taste of the flesh, producing an intense sweet-tart combination with a zesty, citrus zing.

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