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Vegan Taiwan Leezen Organic Black Soymilk 1 bottle



Made In:TaiwanUnit Qty:1 bottle




Select high-quality organic black beans, ground and boiled with advanced technology, without adding preservatives or any additives.


Contains plant-based protein and soybean isoflavones, rich in nutrition, sweet and delicious, and is recognized as a natural health product.


The manufacturer is the first manufacturer to pass the verification of organic agricultural and grain processed products in Taiwan.




Origin: Taiwan




Level : Vegan




Capacity: 450ml±3%




Ingredients: Water, Organic Green Seed Black Bean (China), Organic Sugar (Brazil, Australia)




Allergen Information :


• This product contains black beans.


• The production process plant of this product has equipment or production pipelines for processing soybeans, milk, steamed wheat and gluten grains

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