Chile D'Agen Sugar Plum 1.8-2.1 lb

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Chile D'Agen Sugar Plum 1.8-2.1 lb
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It's quite fresh, and the taste is okay.
It's small but very sweet, bu de watery
Very sweet little prunes repurchase products
A few of them are not sweet. . Totally different from what you imagined
王璐{^ . ^}
I received it yesterday and opened it today. It is all bitter. The bag is already wet and dripping and can be shipped. It is also very speechless. This is the third time I bought it. The first two times are pretty good. QC wants Do it well!
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Unit Qty:
1.8-2.1 lb

Storage conditions: Refrigerate ripe plums in a plastic bag and use within four days. Wash just before using. Select unwrinkled, smooth-skinned fruit that is free of soft spots. 

For a short time in the month of March, a fleeting delicacy is born. Named after a town in the southwest of France known for high quality fruit, you'll discover the D’Agen Sugar Plum. Petite and super sweet, these plums are deep purple on the outside and rich amber yellow on the inside when ripe. The D'Angen is prized for its culinary range as it can be used as a key ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes. We're smitten. Your turn.