[PMO] Fresh Pyeongyang Cold Noodles 990g x 1bag 990 g

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[PMO] Fresh Pyeongyang Cold Noodles 990g x 1bag 990 g
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Reviews (25)
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One of the best cold noodles I’ve had! And it’s super fast to cook. Only 40 seconds! Faster than a instant noodles and healthier! Comes with mustard and the broth. Just add sliced cucumber and kimchi. Makes an awesome meal!
It's delicious, especially cold noodles for summer. I like to add more wasabi
selena jiang
The first time I tried it, I didn't know how to cook, so the batter came together later, but the soup tasted good.
The taste can also be the kind of very thin soba noodles that can’t be cooked for too long. The soup tastes relatively ordinary. I personally think it’s not the best one in Korean cold noodles. The price is also expensive
It's delicious, you need to add some cucumber, spicy cabbage, etc.
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South Korea
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990 g

PMO Fresh Noodle Pyeongyang Cold Noodle