Rice Dumplings with Chinese Dates 18.3oz

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Rice Dumplings with Chinese Dates 18.3oz
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Very mini dumplings ~ looks good
Not bad. It would be better if there were salty rice dumplings, and three of them would feel a bit sweet and greasy.
The little one is just two for breakfast
Not bad, buy it as a gift for friends. sweet
A bit small. Needs salt or it will be tasteless
Small and cute zongzi, you can eat two or three at a time. The sweetness is not higher, the eight-treasure rice dumplings are relatively sweeter than the black glutinous peanuts. I bought all kinds of them and they are quite delicious.
These are good. Perfect size for a snack. Just a little bit sweet (which my brother didn’t like so much, he prefers salty) but my mother and I both thought it was good. Just wish it wasn’t packaged in only a mesh net bag.
Margaret Lee-Lei 李瑪燕
I like my size, I like the taste, I just need to steam it in a short time
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Rice Dumplings with Chinese Dates 18.3oz