Taiwan Pink Guava 2.8-3.2 lb

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Taiwan Pink Guava 2.8-3.2 lb
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The serving size is 1.4 kg. It is fresh and delicious. Thank you for providing it.
Very good guava! I love it
Buying for the first time is an eye-opener. Regardless of the color, the taste is the guava that I had when I was young. A few years ago, when I was eating at a table in Taiwan, I saw pink guava juice and thought it was pigmented... embarrassing.
When I received it this time, it was over-ripe and had no crispiness, which is a pity.
I bought these during the lightning sale. Not a good idea...the full price ones were delicious and fresh. We’ve had three so far...all super smashed or the four is barely ripe. Very disappointed....
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United States
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2.8-3.2 lb

Make some room, white guava. Her majesty has arrived. The pink guava's natural pigment, carotenoid, gives it that blush. With a flavor like strawberry and pear, more water content, and less sugar, you can eat the skin to the seeds. A pink guava contains 4 times the amount of the Vitamin C of one orange. And has more potassium than bananas. Make a jam or pair with your favorite meat. Go guava or go home.