Buy top Knorr products online

Buy top Knorr products online

Discover the world with Knorr; a renowned brand cherished globally for its variety of delectable bouillons, sauces, and soups. With an impressive heritage stretching over two centuries, Knorr has transcended culinary boundaries bringing unrivaled flavor and creativity to kitchens worldwide. This page is a treasure trove of information laden with Knorr's significance in global culinary culture, sumptuous Knorr-based recipes, comprehensive cooking instructions, essential cooking equipment, and carefully curated related products and recipes. Embark on this gastronomic journey to explore the taste of Knorr, the true companion of home kitchens.

Top 5 products for Knorr


Knorr Liquid Seasoning 250 ml

Knorr Liquid Seasoning 250 ml

The Knorr Liquid Seasoning offers a savory, umami-rich taste enhancing the flavor of any dish. Ideal for marinating, glazing, and seasoning Asian cuisines, especially stir-fries or noodle dishes. Enjoy the convenience of adding a burst of flavor instantly. Knorr, a trusted brand satisfying palettes worldwide, guarantees high-quality ingredients. This seasoning is a must-have staple in your pantry.

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Knorr Bouillon Cubes, Chicken Flavor

Knorr Bouillon Cubes, Chicken Flavor

Knorr Bouillon Cubes in Chicken Flavor enhance the taste of any dish with a savory, rich poultry essence. Ideal for making Asian cuisine such as soups, stir-fries, and fried rice, these cubes provide an authentic flavor depth. Convenient, they significantly cut down cooking prep time, allowing more time for you to enjoy your flavorful homemade meals. A healthy choice, these cubes contain low sugar and saturated fat. Perfect for a delectable chicken broth or to enrich the flavor of your dishes, bring the signature Knorr taste home today.

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Knorr Liquid Seasoning 1000 ml

Knorr Liquid Seasoning 1000 ml

The Knorr Liquid Seasoning, a versatile condiment, is perfect for enhancing your favorite Asian dishes. Its savory, umami flavor will elevate dishes like stir-fries, soups, marinades, and dips. It can be conveniently stored, ready to use when needed and good for those seeking the authentic taste from this renowned brand. It also meets health-conscious users' needs as it can be used in controlled amounts to spice up meals without adding extra fat or sugar. Undeniably, it's the ideal choice for lovers of Knorr products.

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Knorr Bouillon Cubes, Beef Flavor

Knorr Bouillon Cubes, Beef Flavor

Knorr beef bouillon cubes deliver a rich, savory flavor, perfect for creating robust gravies, soups, or broths. A vital ingredient for Asian cuisines, it enhances the taste in dishes like beef pho or various stir-fries. Quick to dissolve and easy to use, it's a flavorful addition to your pantry. The brand Knorr is renowned for quality, a trusted go-to in meal preparation. It focuses on strong and aromatic flavor profiles, not to mention, it supports healthier cooking with lower sodium content.

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Knorr Tamarind Soup Mix 1.4 oz (min 3)

Knorr Tamarind Soup Mix 1.4 oz

This Knorr tamarind soup mix is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking authentic Asian cuisine ingredients. Its tamarind base provides a tangy, sour flavor that enhances many dishes, and is common in Filipino Sinigang stew. Convenient to use and store, just adding it to your recipe enriches taste. This convenient mix not only amplifies your meal but is also a healthier alternative with its properties aiding digestion and heart health. Knorr is a trusted brand renowned worldwide for its quality products. Perfect for enjoying tangy, flavorful Asian delicacies from the comfort of home.

Popular recipes

Knorr Rice Cooker Chicken and Vegetable Curry

Bring the taste of authentic Asian cuisine to your kitchen with this aromatic chicken and vegetable curry. Made effortlessly in a rice cooker, this dish is packed with rich flavors and fragrant spices.

Knorr Instant Pot Beef and Broccoli

Tender beef slices and crisp broccoli florets come together in a delightful umami-packed sauce, all cooked to perfection in a fraction of the time using an Instant Pot. This Knorr recipe is a Chinese takeout favorite made easy!

Knorr Stir-Fried Sesame Ginger Tofu

This flavorful stir-fry combines protein-rich tofu, aromatic ginger, and nutty sesame oil for a healthy and satisfying meal. With Knorr as the secret ingredient, each bite bursts with Asian-inspired goodness.

Knorr Rice Cooker Kimchi Fried Rice

Give your plain rice a spicy twist with this Kimchi fried rice recipe made in a rice cooker. The tangy, fermented flavors of kimchi combined with Knorr seasoning create a unique and delicious dish that will keep you coming back for more!

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Frequently asked questions

What is Knorr?

Knorr is a brand that produces various cooking ingredients and flavorings.

Is Knorr suitable for vegetarians?

Some Knorr products are suitable for vegetarians, but it is important to check the specific product ingredients.

What flavors are available for Knorr bouillon cubes?

Knorr bouillon cubes come in various flavors such as chicken, beef, vegetable, and shrimp.

Can I use Knorr bouillon cubes for vegetarian dishes?

Yes, Knorr offers vegetarian bouillon cubes that are specifically made without animal products.

Are Knorr soup mixes easy to prepare?

Yes, Knorr soup mixes are easy to prepare. Just add the mix to boiling water, simmer, and your soup is ready.

Are Knorr products available online?

Yes, Knorr products can be purchased online from various retailers and e-commerce websites.

Can I use Knorr sauces for marinating meat?

Yes, Knorr sauces can be used for marinating meat to enhance its flavor.

Can Knorr products be used in international cuisines?

Yes, Knorr products can be used in various international cuisines to add flavor and enhance dishes.

Where can I buy Knorr products?

You can buy Knorr products at Weee! Asian Market,

What are the different types of Knorr products available?

Knorr offers a wide range of products including bouillon cubes, sauces, soup mixes, and seasonings.

Are Knorr products gluten-free?

Not all Knorr products are gluten-free. Some may contain gluten, so it is necessary to read the product labels or check the official Knorr website for gluten-free options.

How do I use Knorr bouillon cubes?

To use Knorr bouillon cubes, simply dissolve one cube in boiling water to create a flavorful broth or stock.

What recipes can I make with Knorr soup mixes?

Knorr soup mixes can be used to create various soup recipes such as vegetable soup, chicken noodle soup, and creamy tomato soup.

Can I find Knorr products in local grocery stores?

Yes, Knorr products are commonly available in most local grocery stores.

Where can I find Knorr recipes?

You can find a wide range of Knorr recipes on their official website or through their mobile app.

Are Knorr products suitable for people with food allergies?

Some Knorr products may contain allergens, so it is important to check the ingredient list and allergen warnings before consuming them.

Does Knorr offer low-sodium options?

Yes, Knorr offers low-sodium options for some of their products.