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Nomura Salty Millet Biscuits

Nomura Salty Millet Biscuits

Ideal for those looking for a healthy snack, the product features wholesome millet, promising an enjoyable crunch. Its salty flavor can complement a variety of Asian dishes, like a refreshing salad or a robust soup. Being a rich source of fiber, it aids digestion while keeping you satiated for longer. If frozen, these biscuits can be a more convenient option, preserving their freshness, ready to be enjoyed anytime! Perfect for a nutritious and delicious choice for Millet Cracker lovers!

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Bestore Millet Crisp Crust Rice Crackers 90 g (min 3)

Bestore Millet Crisp Crust Rice Crackers 90 g

The cracker offers a flavorful crunch with millet, an ancient grain known for its nutrients and fiber content. It’s perfect for health-conscious shoppers or for those on gluten-free diets. As a staple component in Asian cuisine, it pairs well with dips, soups, and salads, adding a wholesome, crisp bite. Its light texture and savory flavor enhance any dish. The convenience of a 90 g pack ensures you have a ready-to-eat snack on hand. No need to worry about freshness since it's not frozen.


Bestore Millet Crisp Crust Rice Crackers, Hot and Spicy Flavor 90 g (min 3)

Bestore Millet Crisp Crust Rice Crackers, Hot and Spicy Flavor 90 g

A perfect fit for the "Millet Cracker" query, Bestore's offering boasts a hot & spicy punch, adding zing to your snack routine. Its crisp crust provides a satisfying crunch. Ideal to pair with Asian cuisine like soups & stir-fries. Being a millet product,it's enriched with essential nutrients promoting better digestion & heart health. If it was frozen, it would offer convenience, preserving freshness until needed. Enjoy this fiery, health-boosting snack.

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