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Preserved Mustard

Preserved Mustard

This product is ideal for those after Mustard Tuber, otherwise known as preserved mustard. it's a popular ingredient in various Asian dishes, such as hot pots, noodles & stir-fry, infusing them with its unique tangy, slightly spicy flavor. Being a preserved food, it offers long shelf life and ready availability. With its low calorie, high fiber content, it is also a healthy choice, contributing to a balanced diet.


Preserved Vegetable Spicy (min 4)

Preserved Vegetable Spicy

"Preserved Vegetable Spicy" is perfect for lovers of Mustard Tuber, delivering punchy flavor integral to numerous Asian dishes. A key ingredient in Sichuan cuisine, it adds zing to stir fry or hot pot. Rich in fibers, vitamins, and low fat, it is a healthy addition to any meal. If frozen, it provides convenience for on-demand Asian cooking. Its spicy nature blends with must-have Mustard Tuber zing.


Wu-Jiang Preserved Vegetables, Spicy

Wu-Jiang Preserved Vegetables, Spicy

Wu-Jiang Preserved Vegetables, Spicy adds a burst of flavor to Asian cuisine. Used in Sichuan dishes, it provides a pungent, spicy addition that elevates any meal. Being a form of mustard tuber, it's sought-after for its unique taste. It contributes to a healthy diet with low calories and high fiber content. Preserved means longer shelf-life, ideal for stocking up. Get ready to savor the heat and zest it brings to your table.

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Wujiang Fried Shredded Vegetables, Spicy (min 4)

Wujiang Fried Shredded Vegetables, Spicy

Perfect for health-conscious foodies, Wujiang's Spicy Fried Shredded Vegetables are an exciting addition to any Asian dish. With mustard tuber as its main ingredient, it brings out an earthy, pungent flavor with a spicy kick. The intense flavor elevates soups, stir-fry dishes, and salads. Buying it frozen locks in freshness and nutrition, providing convenience for any cooking endeavor.


Wu-Jiang Spicy & Tart Flavored Mustard Tuber Vegetables (min 4)

Wu-Jiang Spicy & Tart Flavored Mustard Tuber Vegetables

This product offers a delightful mix of spicy and tart flavors, enhancing the taste of Asian cuisine. Mustard Tuber, a key ingredient in various Asian dishes like pickles, stir-frys and hot pots, brings a crunchy texture and unique taste. Purchasing it frozen ensures freshness and convenience, as it's always ready-to-use. High in fiber and low in fat, it's a healthy choice for a flavorful meal. Best choice for a spicy mustard tuber.

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