Buy samosa online

Buy samosa online

Savour the rich aroma and savor the distinctive flavors of our beloved Samosa. This deep-fried or baked delight, with a savory filling, is more than a mere delicacy in the Indian subcontinent. From enchanting tales in medieval times to beloved street food, the Samosa is a reflection of shared histories and cultural synthesis Indulge in the journey of preparing this culinary treasure and enhance your understanding of its cultural relevance.

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Haldiram's Jhatpat Bites Punjabi Samosa, Frozen 8 count

Haldiram's Jhatpat Bites Punjabi Samosa, Frozen 8 count

Customers seeking the savory delight of samosas will find Haldiram's Jhatpat Bites as an ideal choice. These frozen Punjabi Samosas, already cooked & portioned into 8, provide convenience with no prep or cooking time required. Simply heat and serve. Known for rich, authentic flavors, this product easily enhances any Asian cuisine, from biryani to curry dishes. Additionally, buying frozen allows for longer storage and the ability to delight in samosas anytime! As part of Haldiram's trusted range, you can be assured of quality ingredients. Don't wait, add an Indian classic to your meal today!

$6.99 - $7.99
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Haldiram's Cocktail Samosa 28pcs Frozen

Haldiram's Cocktail Samosa 28pcs Frozen

Haldiram's Cocktail Samosas are a flavorful, Asian-inspired snack. These bite-sized treats bring a savory blend of spices, wrapped in a flaky pastry. Perfect as an appetizer, they complement any curry dish or chutney. Being frozen offers convenience - ready whenever you crave a tasty snack. Staying fresh longer, waste is minimized. Simply heat and serve! Convenient, authentic, and delicious, they're a great choice for fans of Samosa.

$6.99 - $8.99
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Haldiram's Samosa

Haldiram's Samosa

The choice for Haldiram's Samosa is excellent for lovers of Asian cuisine. As a popular North Indian snack, it brings the authentic taste of Indian street food to your table. Intriguingly spiced with tangy, savory notes, it can be enjoyed solo or as a side in numerous Asian dishes. If it's frozen, it allows easy storage and quick preparation, adding convenience to your busy schedule. Known for top-tier quality, Haldiram's ensures a healthy snack option, maintaining the balance between taste and wellness.

$2.78 - $5.29
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Haldiram's Jhatpat Bites Puraani Dilli Spicy Special Samosa, Frozen 8 count

Haldiram's Jhatpat Bites Puraani Dilli Spicy Special Samosa, Frozen 8 count

Haldiram's Jhatpat Bites offer the authentic taste of Puraani Dilli's Spicy Special Samosa, well-loved in Asian cuisine. This savory stuffed pastry provides a hot, spicy flavor explosion, perfect for parties or as an appetizer in a full Indian meal. Being frozen, it offers the convenience of a quick, ready-to-cook snack from your freezer at any time. Despite its delectable taste, it is also relatively healthy, low in fats and high in nutrients. It's a must-have for all Samosa lovers.

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Vadilal Jalapeno Cheese Samosa 20pcs, Frozen

Vadilal Jalapeno Cheese Samosa 20pcs, Frozen

Vadilal Jalapeno Cheese Samosas are a delicious fusion of Indian Cuisine with a spicy Mexican twist. Perfect as a quick snack or part of a larger meal paired with chutneys or yogurt dips, these flavorful starters are sure to delight. Frozen for convenience, they stay fresh and ready for when sudden cravings hit or unexpected guests arrive. The incorporation of cheese contributes to the protein content, making them a healthier choice. Ideal for anyone looking to enjoy some delicious savories.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a samosa?

A samosa is a popular Indian snack made of a crispy pastry filled typically with spiced potatoes, peas, and a variety of other ingredients.

What is the origin of samosa?

Samosa is believed to have originated in the Middle East and was introduced to India by traders.

What are the common spices used in samosas?

Common spices used in samosas include coriander, cumin, turmeric, garam masala, and chili powder.

Are samosas vegetarian?

Samosas can be either vegetarian or non-vegetarian depending on the filling. Traditional samosas usually have a vegetarian filling.

Can samosas be baked instead of fried?

Yes, samosas can be baked instead of fried to reduce the amount of oil used. Baked samosas are a healthier alternative.

How long do samosas last?

Samosas can last for 2-3 days if stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. They can also be frozen for several weeks.

What are some popular variations of samosas?

Popular variations of samosas include samosas with chicken, lamb, seafood, paneer (Indian cheese), or even chocolate fillings.

Can samosas be made ahead of time?

Yes, samosas can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator or frozen. Just reheat them before serving.

How do you pronounce samosa?

Samosa is pronounced as suh-moh-suh.

What are the different types of samosas?

There are various types of samosas, including vegetarian samosas, meat samosas, cheese samosas, and sweet samosas.

How is samosa served?

Samosas are typically served as a snack or appetizer and often accompanied by chutney or sauce for dipping.

What is the calorie content of a samosa?

The calorie content of a samosa can vary depending on the size and filling, but on average, a medium-sized samosa contains around 150-200 calories.

Can samosas be frozen?

Yes, samosas can be frozen. After preparing the samosas, you can freeze them before frying or baking. Just thaw them before cooking.

Are samosas gluten-free?

Traditional samosas are not gluten-free as they are made with wheat flour. However, gluten-free varieties using different flours are available.

Are samosas spicy?

Samosas can be spicy, but the level of spiciness varies depending on the recipe and personal preference. They can be mild or very hot.

Where can I buy samosas?

You can buy samosas at Weee! Asian Market,