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Sour Mustard (min 3)

Sour Mustard

This tangy delight enhances various Asian recipes like hot pot & stir-fries, imparting a unique, slightly spicy flavor to enhance your culinary experience. A frozen version offers longevity and convenience. It's also nutrition-friendly, abundant in antioxidants, vitamin C, and dietary fibers, thus supporting overall well-being. Ideal for those craving for this unique condiment in their pantry.


Buddha Brand Sour Pickled Green Mustard

Buddha Brand Sour Pickled Green Mustard

The "Buddha Brand Sour Pickled Green Mustard" stands out for its tangy flavour and versatility, making it an ideal condiment for numerous Asian dishes, such as stir fries, noodle soups, and rice dishes. Its distinct sourness brings out superb flavours in meals, enriching them with an authentic Asian flair. Besides being delicious, this product is also healthy as it is low in calories and high in dietary fiber.


Asian Best Pickled Mustard (min 3)

Asian Best Pickled Mustard

This pickled mustard with its tangy, distinctively sour profile is perfect for anyone looking to purchase tangy mustard online. It's an essential ingredient in many Asian dishes, like Dan Dan noodles and Khao Soi, lending its unique flavor. Besides contributing a rich taste, it is a low-calorie, low-fat condiment that can be easily incorporated into a healthy diet. Especially great is the easy-to-store option, when you choose the frozen variant, it maintains its taste and freshness longer.


Ting Top Pickled Mustard Greens

Ting Top Pickled Mustard Greens

These pickled mustard greens are an excellent choice for those looking for sour mustard. Known for their distinctive tart flavor, they infuse Asian dishes like noodle soups and stir-fries with a delightful zing. Loaded with fiber and vitamins C and K, their nutrition profile also makes them a healthy choice. Not only that, their ready-to-use format is sure to add a dash of convenience to your cooking routine.


Da Xing Preserved Vegetable Pickled Radish Shredded, Original Flavor (min 4

Da Xing Preserved Vegetable Pickled Radish Shredded, Original Flavor

This preserved vegetable pickled radish delivers the perfect elements of sour mustard, maintaining original flavors in your meals. It can be used in a variety of Asian dishes like kimchi stew, noodle soup, or stir-fry. The tangy, pungent taste adds a unique kick. Packed with nutritious benefits like fiber and vitamin C, it promotes a healthy diet.

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