Fresh Duck Eggs 6pc 1 each

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Fresh Duck Eggs 6pc 1 each
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I'm so happy to be able to buy duck eggs in Weee! 6 per box, I bought 2 boxes. I planned to make salted duck eggs. I didn't expect the fried duck eggs with chopped green onion to eat. The 2 boxes are almost finished. I will buy them next time.
I bought it for the first time, I was going to try salted duck eggs and hope to succeed
Used natural sea salt preserve about 4 weeks
The duck eggs are very fresh and packed in place. Give thumbs up
Second purchase and they always arrive in perfect shape. So much cheaper than any farmer’s market in NYC and just as good!
Pei Pei
I beat the duck eggs into egg flowers and cook them together with glutinous rice balls.
The duck egg is so big. Fried rice is also good.
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United States
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1 each