Myojo Ramen, Seafood Tonkotsu 12.42 oz

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Myojo Ramen, Seafood Tonkotsu 12.42 oz
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Reviews (269)
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Sarah Lee
You can also have the feeling of eating ramen at a restaurant at home, and you will repurchase it if it is delicious
It's not much different from the long lines of ramen shops outside.
The soup is fragrant and thick, super delicious!
Absolutely good
All the ingredients are bought at Weee, and all the companies in the department eat Japanese ramen 🍜.
The delicious ramen is perfect with a little green vegetables and char siu.
Chia-Ying Wu
Homemade barbecued pork with pulled bread is sold on the market. It really tastes like authentic Japanese ramen. I bought this before, it tastes very rich, I like it very much
It's delicious, the soup is very rich, and the noodles are gluten. The noodle cooking process is a bit more troublesome. I will rinse the noodles in cold water, then boil the noodles.
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Unit Qty:
12.42 oz

Keep frozen or refrigerated.

2 servings per bag.

Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen is a delicacy made from noodles and soup. Tonko means pig in both classical Chinese and Japanese. Tonkotsu Ramen is a soup made from pork bones.

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