Tommy Atkins Mango Box 7-9 count

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Tommy Atkins Mango Box 7-9 count
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The sweet, savory, smooth red mango flesh is made of mango halberd, and the taste is first-rate.
Eight large mangoes, red and green. Still very hard.
Big and super sweet! A bit fibrous, but they are delicious nonetheless! Great to eat on its own or to make Mango sticky rice!
10 organic mangos, mostly ripe and sweet, good value.
I left it open for five days and was stunned. I have never seen such a raw mango, which is as hard as a tree trunk... Is this to be eaten until the year of the monkey?
✨ YS✨
Seven in a box, let it mature for a few days, hope it's delicious
The taste is hard but sweet and delicious!
There are eight large mangoes in a box, with a lot of fiber, and the taste is still sweet, so they will not be repurchased.
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7-9 count

Everything you love about mangoes, but with a little more resilience. These Tommy Atkins mangoes win when it comes to long shelf life and hardiness. Best when you dice it up to work around the fiber, enjoy its delicately sweet and tropical taste in smoothies, salsas, or popped right into your mouth. 

Tommy Atkins Mango Box

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