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Explore the World of Ham: A Culinary Tradition

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Applegate Uncured Black Forest Ham Slices

Applegate Uncured Black Forest Ham Slices

This top-notch black forest ham is uncured and offers a unique, robust flavor, perfect for ham lovers. Ideal for various Asian delicacies like "Ham Fried Rice," or "Pineapple and Ham Stir Fry," it injects a delightful smoky-sweet taste. As a healthy choice, it is less processed, contributing to balanced nutrition. For easy storage and extended shelf-life, consider purchasing it frozen. Enjoy the convenience and savor the taste!

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Argentina Fiesta Ham, Boneless

Argentina Fiesta Ham, Boneless

The Argentina Fiesta Ham, boneless, is excellent for those after the savory flavor of ham. This product is boneless, making it easy to slice and versatile for a variety of dishes. From stir-fries to ramen, it serves as a tasty addition to many Asian cuisines. Its convenience embodies the rich, smokey essence iconic of ham. Being a lean cut, it's a healthier choice. For those keen on preserving freshness, purchasing it frozen gives you the freedom to use as needed. Keywords: Boneless Ham, Asian cuisine, Lean cut, Convenient, Fiesta Ham.

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Japanese Kurobuta Cured Berkshire Pork Ham

Japanese Kurobuta Cured Berkshire Pork Ham

"Japanese Kurobuta Cured Berkshire Pork Ham" offers gourmet quality, presenting an unmatched flavor and tenderness derived from the renowned Berkshire pig breed. It's fantastic for countless Asian dishes like ramen or tonkatsu, gracing each with its rich umami essence. Buying it frozen brings convenience, preserving its freshness until it's time to cook. As a lean meat, it's a lean and nutrient-rich with high-quality protein, contributing to a balanced diet. Perfect for Ham lovers seeking exceptional taste and quality.


Xi Shang Xi Cured Ham

Xi Shang Xi Cured Ham

This cured ham is an excellent choice for food enthusiasts seeking unbeatable quality. Its distinctive flavor, often used in Asian dishes like fried rice or noodle soups, offers a unique, rich, and smoky taste. It’s a healthier option due to its curing process, preserving the ham without added fats or chemicals. Its pre-cooked, shelf-stable nature enables easy storage and cooking. For ham lovers, it’s a must-try delicacy.

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Dongwon Premium Quality Luncheon Meat

Dongwon Premium Quality Luncheon Meat

"Dongwon Premium Quality Luncheon Meat provides a delicious ham flavor fitting well in various Asian dishes like ramen, fried rice and kimbap. It's rich, savory taste elevates any meal. Convenient and quick to prepare, enjoy the taste of ham without needing to defrost. This canned meat makes gourmet cooking easy regardless of culinary skill level. Moreover, it's a healthier choice with lower sodium content compared to traditional options. Keywords: Ham, Asian Cuisine, Quick meal, Healthy Option."

$4.49 - $5.79
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Popular recipes

Ham Fried Rice

This delicious ham fried rice is a quick and easy dish that combines the savory flavor of ham with the aromatic Asian staples. It's a perfect way to use leftover ham and create a satisfying meal. Simply stir fry cooked rice with diced ham, vegetables, garlic, and soy sauce for a flavorful and satisfying dinner option.

Ham and Egg Fried Rice in Instant Pot

This ham and egg fried rice is a simple and tasty recipe that can be easily prepared in an Instant Pot. The combination of ham, scrambled eggs, rice, and Asian seasonings creates a satisfying meal in no time. Just add diced ham, beaten eggs, cooked rice, soy sauce, and a hint of sesame oil to the Instant Pot. Cook it under pressure for a few minutes, and enjoy a flavorful meal that the whole family will love.

Asian Ham and Vegetable Rice Cooker Casserole

This Asian-inspired ham and vegetable rice cooker casserole is a convenient and delicious way to enjoy a complete meal in one pot. Simply layer sliced ham, mixed vegetables, and fragrant rice in a rice cooker. Add soy sauce, ginger, and garlic for extra flavor. Let the rice cooker work its magic, and in no time, you'll have a flavorful and satisfying casserole.

Spicy Ham Stir Fry

For those who enjoy a bit of heat, this spicy ham stir fry is the perfect choice. Sauté sliced ham, onions, bell peppers, and chili peppers in a hot stir fry pan with some oil. Add a spicy Asian sauce made with soy sauce, chili paste, and garlic. Garnish with green onions and serve it with steamed rice for a fiery, flavor-packed meal.

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Frequently asked questions

What is frozen grated cassava?

Frozen grated cassava is a cooking ingredient made from grating cassava roots and then freezing them for preservation.

Is frozen grated cassava the same as fresh cassava?

Frozen grated cassava is made from fresh cassava roots that have been grated and frozen, so they are not exactly the same but can be used similarly in cooking.

Can I thaw frozen grated cassava before using it?

Yes, you can thaw frozen grated cassava in the refrigerator before using it in your recipes.

Can I use frozen grated cassava in savory dishes?

While frozen grated cassava is commonly used in sweet dishes, it can also be used in savory recipes like cassava bibingka or cassava suman.

Can I substitute fresh cassava for frozen grated cassava?

Yes, you can substitute fresh cassava for frozen grated cassava in most recipes, just be sure to adjust for the difference in moisture content.

Is frozen grated cassava high in calories?

Frozen grated cassava is relatively low in calories compared to other cooking ingredients, making it a healthier option for desserts.

What are some common dishes that use frozen grated cassava?

Popular dishes that use frozen grated cassava include cassava cake, cassava suman, and bibingka.

How do I know if frozen grated cassava has gone bad?

If frozen grated cassava has developed an off odor or unusual color, it may have gone bad and should be discarded.

How do I use frozen grated cassava in cooking?

You can use frozen grated cassava in various dishes such as cassava cake, bibingka, and other traditional Filipino desserts.

How should I store frozen grated cassava?

You should keep frozen grated cassava in the freezer until ready to use to maintain its freshness and quality.

Is frozen grated cassava gluten-free?

Yes, frozen grated cassava is naturally gluten-free, making it a suitable ingredient for individuals with gluten sensitivities.

Is frozen grated cassava easy to find in stores?

Yes, frozen grated cassava is readily available in Asian markets and online grocery stores.

What is the texture of dishes made with frozen grated cassava?

Dishes made with frozen grated cassava have a slightly chewy and starchy texture, making them popular in traditional Filipino desserts.

Can I use frozen grated cassava in place of coconut in recipes?

Frozen grated cassava and coconut have different flavors and textures, so they may not always be interchangeable in recipes.

Is frozen grated cassava easy to cook with?

Yes, frozen grated cassava is easy to cook with and versatile in various recipes, making it a convenient cooking ingredient.

Where can I buy frozen grated cassava?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,