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Fish Well Yuquan Preserved Mustard Stem

Fish Well Yuquan Preserved Mustard Stem

The Yuquan Preserved Mustard Stem is an excellent choice for anyone seeking Mustard Pickle. It's a key ingredient in several Asian recipes like stir-fries, noodle soups, and savory meat dishes, delivering a distinctive tangy and slightly spicy flavor. Purchasing frozen ensures freshness, enhancing the quality of your meals. Its notable health benefits include high fiber content, vitamin C, and low calories, making it a healthy addition to your pantry. Ideal for Mustard Pickle enthusiasts.

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Sour Mustard (min 3)

Sour Mustard

"Sour Mustard" is an excellent option for those craving the tangy, piquant flavors of Mustard Pickle. Able to bring an authentic Asian twist to a variety of dishes, it's especially delicious in stews, dips, and stir-fries. Besides its bursting flavor, it also boasts health benefits due to its low calories & rich in antioxidants content. Ideal for keeping pantry stocked without worrying about quick expiration.


Preserved Vegetable Spicy (min 4)

Preserved Vegetable Spicy

This spicy preserved vegetable option is ideal for those seeking the robust essence of mustard pickle. It delivers a palate-tingling heat synonymous with traditional Asian cuisine. The exquisite marriage of spice and tanginess enriches dishes like fried rice, noodles or stir-fries. Easy to store and long-lasting, it's an excellent supplement for enhancing flavor. Its inherent nutrition reflects good health and well-being.


Asian Best Pickled Mustard (min 3)

Asian Best Pickled Mustard

"Asian Best Pickled Mustard" is ideal for those seeking authentic mustard pickle. Its pickled nature renders it a tangy flavor boost to Asian dishes such as soups, stir-fries and noodle recipes. This product also serves health-conscious consumers; it's low-calorie and rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, promoting good health. Convenience is key when it's frozen, allowing easy storage and long-lasting freshness. Enhance your meals with this wholesome, tangy condiment perfect for any mustard pickle fan.

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