Buy organic natto online

Buy organic natto online

Discover the wonders of organic natto, a traditional Japanese dish rich in cultural significance and health benefits. Made from fermented soybeans, natto is known for its unique texture, savory flavor, and probiotic properties. This page is your ultimate guide to all things organic natto, including its importance as a superfood, delicious recipes to try at home, the required equipment for making natto, step-by-step cooking instructions, and a selection of related products and recipes to enhance your natto experience. Explore the world of organic natto and elevate your culinary skills with this versatile and nutritious ingredient.

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Shirakiku Natto Mito Organic Fermented Soybean 135.9 g (min 2)

Shirakiku Natto Mito Organic Fermented Soybean 135.9 g

Catering to customers favouring organic food, Shirakiku's Mito Organic Fermented Soybeans pack an authentic taste of the traditional Japanese Natto. They are rich in protein, fiber, and health-enhancing probiotics, perfect for those seeking a nutritious addition to their meals. The naturally strong and distinct flavor, with a hint of nuttiness, can be enjoyed in Asian cuisines like sushi, stir-fries, or rice bowls. Conveniently available frozen, it retains freshness and nutrient content. Perfect choice for fans of Organic Natto.

$1.88 - $2.99
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Mizkan Kintsubu Toromame Natto Rich Flavor Frozen 3pk

Mizkan Kintsubu Toromame Natto Rich Flavor Frozen 3pk

The Organic Mizkan Kintsubu Toromame Natto is a top-notch choice for those seeking authentic, richly flavored Natto. Frozen for prolonged freshness, it ensures you always have this nutritious Japanese dish on hand. The health benefits abound with Natto, packed with probiotics and rich in protein. This product is a tasty addition to sushi, stir-fries or even breakfast rice bowls. Enjoy the convenience of having this healthy, organic ingredient readily available in your freezer.

$1.99 - $2.79
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Mizkan Kintsubu Niowa Natto Low Smell Frozen 3pk

Mizkan Kintsubu Niowa Natto Low Smell Frozen 3pk

This is a natto product, an organic Japanese fermented soybean known for its powerful umami flavor, which makes it a crucial element in many Asian dishes like sushi, miso soup, and stir-fries. Purchasing it frozen ensures freshness and gives you the convenience to use at your leisure. Its low smell feature is ideal for those new to natto. It is beneficial to your health because of its rich probiotic content which aids digestive health. Key terms: Organic Natto, Asian cuisine, Frozen Natto, Health benefits.

$1.59 - $2.79
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Shirakiku Okame Kotsubu Natto 3P Frozen

Shirakiku Okame Kotsubu Natto 3P Frozen

This nutritious Natto product possesses organic qualities, offering a sought-after umami flavor often enjoyed in Asian cuisine, ideal for sushi or miso soup. Purchasing it frozen offers a longer shelf life and easy portioning. Rich in probiotics and fiber, Natto supports digestion, making this a healthy organic choice for fans of Japanese food.

$1.99 - $3.49
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Mizkan Kintsubu Natto Black vinegar with Plum Flavor Frozen 3pk 4.7 oz

Mizkan Kintsubu Natto Black vinegar with Plum Flavor Frozen 3pk 4.7 oz

Enjoy an authentic Asian dish with our nutritious and organic Natto. Enhanced by the tangy, aromatic taste of plum and black vinegar, this product brings the traditional flavor of Japanese fermented soybeans to your plate. It's beautifully convenient, being a frozen product, it will retain freshness until you need it. Buying frozen also reduces food waste. Packed with powerful probiotics and high in fiber, this extraordinary health food is a great addition to stir-fry, sushi or rice bowls. Not just delicious, but the perfect choice for mindful eating.

$1.99 - $2.49
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Popular recipes

Natto Fried Rice

A delicious and nutritious fried rice recipe with the unique flavor of organic natto mixed in.

Natto Miso Soup

A comforting and savory miso soup with added protein and umami from organic natto.

Natto Stir Fry

An easy and flavorful stir fry made with organic natto for a healthy twist.

Natto Sushi Rolls

Traditional sushi rolls with a twist, filled with organic natto for added texture and taste.

Natto Instant Pot Curry

A quick and flavorful curry made in an Instant Pot, featuring organic natto for a protein boost.

Organic Natto near me

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Frequently asked questions

What is organic natto?

Organic natto is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans.

Is organic natto vegetarian?

Yes, organic natto is a vegetarian dish made from soybeans.

What are the health benefits of organic natto?

Organic natto is high in protein, probiotics, and vitamin K2.

Can I freeze organic natto?

It is not recommended to freeze organic natto as it can affect the texture.

What does organic natto taste like?

Organic natto has a unique flavor that is often described as nutty and slightly pungent.

Can I eat organic natto straight out of the package?

Yes, organic natto can be eaten straight out of the package or used in recipes.

Is organic natto a good source of probiotics?

Yes, organic natto is a good source of probiotics that can benefit digestive health.

Where can I buy organic natto?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,

How do I store organic natto?

Organic natto should be stored in the refrigerator to maintain freshness.

How can I incorporate organic natto into my recipes?

Organic natto can be added to rice, salads, or used as a sushi topping.

Does organic natto contain gluten?

No, organic natto is gluten-free.

How long does organic natto last in the fridge?

Organic natto can last for about 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Is organic natto easy to make at home?

Organic natto can be a bit tricky to make at home, but there are DIY kits available for purchase.

How should I serve organic natto?

Organic natto is commonly served over rice with toppings like green onions and soy sauce.

What are some traditional Japanese dishes that include organic natto?

Some traditional Japanese dishes that include organic natto are natto sushi, natto donburi, and natto miso soup.