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【Japan Direct Mail】PIGEON Medicated Lotion Peach Leaf 200ml



Pigeon Baby Lotion is a moisturizing and anti-heat rash body lotion specially designed for babies. It has a capacity of 200ml and the main ingredient is peach water. It can help maintain the moisture balance of baby's skin, reduce the occurrence of prickly heat and eczema, and also relieve skin dryness, itching and discomfort. The product adopts a mild formula, free of fragrance, coloring, alcohol and preservatives, safe and non-irritating, suitable for babies of all skin types. How to use: Apply an appropriate amount of body lotion on the baby's body parts that need to be cleaned and moisturized, and gently massage until completely absorbed. It is recommended to be used at every diaper change and can also be used daily after bathing.