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【Value Pack】BIO-E Carbmaster Milk Bites Strawberry Flavor



Product selling point

Irresistible delicacies, unavoidable high fat, high sugar, and high starch content, Bio-E White Kidney Bean Enzyme Tablets, say goodbye to sugar, say goodbye to excess energy, and enjoy eating~

Not all white kidney beans are called PHASE2 white kidney beans. Take 2 slices before meals to keep foodies happy. Each slice has 6-6.5 calories, delicious and hassle-free.

4 ingredients to protect beauty, PHASE2 white kidney bean, soft date kiwi, resistant dextrin, green coffee powder

Known as the "energy filter", it helps you to get rid of high oil, fat and calories while giving you a healthy and beautiful figure~

The best value for money, 2 packs at a great value, strawberry flavor, sweet and delicious~



PHASE2 white kidney beans, soft date kiwi, resistant dextrin, green coffee powder


Allergens: Contains dairy products and nut products. Not recommended for consumption by women under 16 years old and pregnant and lactating women. This product is susceptible to moisture. After opening the bag, keep the pinch-sealed bag sealed and store it in a cool and dry place.

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