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【Vegan】Taiwan【Leezen】Noodles Tomato

Wheat (Gluten),Sesame,Soy.


Tomato Noodles Without Chemical Additives and Preservatives, Using Steaming Instead of Traditional Frying, Making the Noodles Less Greasy and Enhancing Flavor with Tomato Powder. Enjoy Tomato Noodles with Tomato Soup for a Satisfying Meal!

Healthy Tomato Noodles with Steaming Instead of Frying Tomato noodles are prepared by steaming instead of the traditional frying method, reducing the greasiness of the noodles. Tomato powder is added to enhance the flavor. The vegetable pack includes various dried vegetables such as carrots, seaweed sprouts, corn, and green peas, making it suitable for both soupy and dry preparations. Simply boil water, add the noodles and vegetable pack, cook for three to five minutes, then add the seasoning to the soup or enjoy it dry for a delicious meal.

Healthy and Delicious Quick-Cooking Noodles Without Frying Mrs. Chen Meihuan, the owner's wife, embarked on the journey of developing a healthy and delicious vegetarian noodle dish for her husband, who was diagnosed with liver cancer and loved noodles. She took over her father-in-law's noodle-making business and was responsible for product development. In 2001, she wanted to introduce non-fried quick-cooking noodles to consumers. After extensive research, she discovered Cheng Chang Food in Taichung. Surprisingly, Meihuan already knew about Liren and had received Liren's popular sprouted grain cakes as a gift from a friend, who highly recommended them due to their popularity. As a result, they quickly established a partnership based on shared values and principles.

Eating with Peace of Mind Is the Best Gift In the noodle-making process, Meihuan abandoned the time-saving frying method. Instead, she made noodle dough with flour and saltwater, rolled it out with rollers, cut it into strips, and then steamed and air-dried each noodle individually. Tomato powder was added to the noodles to enhance their flavor. The handling of the seasoning packs was also meticulous. Meihuan carefully sautéed various ingredients such as ginger, mushrooms, soy sauce, and bean paste, and then combined them with spices to create the seasoning packs. She even said, "More vegetables are needed to satisfy the palate," so she increased the number of vegetables in the packs, adding carrots, seaweed sprouts, corn, and green peas.

The innovative "steaming and air-drying" method, although more time-consuming and involved, reduces the greasiness of the noodles. Meihuan believes that being able to offer noodles that are both safe and delicious is the best gift for those who love noodles.


Noodles: Steamed and air-dried, not fried. No added antioxidants, modified starch, alkali, or texture improvers. Contains tomato powder rich in lycopene.
Seasoning Packs: No added synthetic flavors, synthetic flavor enhancers, hydrogenated fats, preservatives, or MSG.


Noodles: Unbleached wheat flour, tomato paste, water, salt.
Seasoning Pack: Tomato paste, sunflower oil, ginger, rice vinegar (water, glutinous rice, wheat, salt), black pepper, Italian spices (rosemary leaves, thyme leaves, parsley leaves, oregano leaves), yeast extract, sesame oil (sesame oil, soybean oil), red pepper powder, sugar, salt, mixed concentrated tocopherols (antioxidant).
Vegetable Pack: Cabbage, carrots, sweet corn, green peas, seaweed sprouts.
Allergen Information: This product contains wheat, soy, and sesame.