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Aki Home Japan Rubber Wood Plate Duck

Brand:Aki Home


Aki Home Japan Rubber Wood Plate Duck


  • Because it is made of natural wood, the color and grain are different.
  • In addition, because this product is handmade, there may
  • be slight differences in looseness, size and shape.
  • Please do not use warm food.
  • Please do not use this product on foods with strong odor or moisture.
  • Do not store near fire or in areas subject to high temperatures.
  • Please do not touch the fire directly.
  • Do not soak in water to wash, microwave, dish washer or oven.
  • After use, wash with hot water or water, wipe off with a soft cloth, and store after drying.
  • Please store away from direct sunlight as it may cause discoloration or deformation.
  • Please do not use scrub brush or polishing powder as it may cause damage.
  • If you add strong acid such as vinegar or lemon, it may change its quality and lose its luster.


  • Rubber Wood


  • 9.06"W X 8.27"D X 0.59"H (23 X 21 X 1.5cm)