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Beauty of Joseon Matte Sun Stick : Mugwort+Camelia SPF 50+ PA++++

Brand:Beauty of Joseon


Product Description:

Matte Sun Stickare focused on use for outdoor activities. To get listed SPF and PA protection level, sunscreen should be reapplied every 2-3 hours, but that’s not easy to do all of the time. This is a matte sun stick without any of the oily or sticky feelings. It is hygienic as you don't need to apply it with your hands, and it is compact, enabling convenient use anytime, anywhere. Sebum-control silica powder regulates sebum on the skin, giving a smooth and soft-rolling feeling without greasiness.

UV Protection: SPF50+ PA++++

Size: 18g

How To Use:Apply to areas that need sun protection, such as the face and body.Reapply every 2-3 hours.

*Due to its solid formula, excessive pressure may cause the product to separate from the container or break. Apply with a gentle rolling motion.
*Due to the nature of the stick formula, where physical pressure is needed, makeup may be removed when putting the product over makeup.

Note:The package design is subject to change without notice


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