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Buydeem Airtight Glass Storage Jar 600ml



 Buydeem Airtight Glass Storage Jar 600ml


  • Airtight Seal​– An ideal container for fresh food, leftovers, and dry goods alike, the Buydeem storage jars feature an airtight seal. Designed to lock in freshness, prevent leakage, and keep contents perfectly protected this seal is so tight it is safe to turn upside down.


  • Push-Open Lid​- One push down to seal and more push to open, all it takes is a quick movement and one hand to operate. Great for a parent that is holding a baby or busy chefs who are doing multiple things at once.


  • Sleek Stackable Design​ – No one loves a messy kitchen or pantry area. Enjoy
    beautifully organized cupboards, easily identifiable foods in the refrigerator, and perfectly stored containers while not in use. These jars can be stacked, which keeps everything in place.


  • Easy and Reliable To Use​ – The airtight seal, push lid, non-slip bottom ring, and largemouth make this jar simple to clean and operate. No more worrying if a container will slip and break while cleaning or if you will have to pick up a mess while taking it out
    of storage.


  • Premium Quality Materials​ – Crafted with the excellence and durability you expect from Buydeem products, the borosilicate glass along with silicone materials are both non-toxic and FDA approved.

Effortlessly And Elegantly Store Food While Preserving Freshness

Every kitchen needs reliable, easy to use, stylish storage containers like the Buydeem Airtight Glass Storage Ja​r. Available in two convenient sizes, this kitchen necessity is wonderful for busy families and individuals that like quick identification foods and flexibility. Suitable for heat or chilled temperatures, aside from store pantry items, use this container in the microwave or in the refrigerator.

      • To improve safety these jars are equipped with a non-slip silicone ring on the bottom that prevents movement while on a shelf.
      • No matter your need, using a Buydeem storage jar with a large mouth can easily hold small or large dray items like grains, cookies, pasta, or liquids like soups, purees, and more.
      • Boasting an advanced design that prevents slips, spills, these sold separately jars come in ​600 ml or 1200ml.


Air Tight Seal

Designed with a beveled angle larger rubber ring that enhances sealing performance, when closed this jar safely holds solids or liquids, even when turned upside down or held by just the lid.

Push-Open Lid

In times when you only have one free hand or are in a rush, the press button top conveniently requires no tugging or pulling. Once pressed it lifts up with ease.


High Borosilicate Glass

Free of toxic substances, the Buydeem storage jars are made from specialized glass that can withstand temperature changes.