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Cacao Chai Houjicha Tea Can


Experience the rich tapestry of flavors with this authentic chai blend, crafted from carefully selected spices and Costa Rican cacao husk.

Based on organic hojicha from the Nara Tsukigase Health Tea Garden, and blended by the renowned Shankar Noguchi, this chai offers a refreshing sweetness and aromatic depth that's sure to captivate your senses.

With a light yet deep flavor, the spices and cacao intertwine, creating a harmonious symphony of taste and aroma.

How to Make:

1. Put 2 tablespoons of tea leaves in 120㏄ of water and boil until the water is reduced to half its original volume to extract the color and aroma of the tea leaves.

2. Add 120㏄ of milk and bring to a boil. Be careful not to spill. 3. Pour into a cup while straining through a tea strainer, and enjoy the flavors of this Cacao Chai Houjicha Tea