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Chunwei Popcorn Chicken Nuggets

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Classic Taiwanese Night Market Delight: Salt and Pepper Chicken


With its crispy exterior and tantalizing aroma, along with tender and delicious meat, this fragrant Salt and Pepper Chicken is an irresistible treat that leaves a lasting impression. The key to crafting a remarkable Salt and Pepper Chicken lies in selecting premium ingredients. We has carefully chosen chicken from the United States to ensure its delightful taste. We meticulously select fresh ingredients, preserving their freshness through rapid freezing. The finished product boasts a golden hue and a crispy texture that is sure to make your mouth water, capturing your heart with just one bite!


Upon receiving the product, please ensure to store it in the freezer, as it is not suitable for room temperature storage. When cooking, kindly follow the instructions provided on the packaging. We recommend deep-frying or air-frying for 3-5 minutes. After opening, please enjoy it promptly and avoid repeated freezing or reheating to maintain the best texture and flavor.