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Chunwei Salted Crispy Pork

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Crispy pork, a delightful home-cooked dish popular in many places, serves as both a delectable snack and a versatile ingredient for stir-fries, soups, and even hotpot. When deep-fried, it provides a satisfying crunch; in hotpot, it turns tender, flavorful, and irresistible.


We carefully select fresh domestically sourced pork from the United States as the main ingredient, and through rapid freezing, we preserve its freshness, bringing you the most authentic hometown taste.


Upon receiving the product, please ensure it is stored in the freezer, as it is not suitable for room temperature storage. When cooking, please follow the instructions provided on the packaging. We recommend frying or air-frying for 3-5 minutes. Once opened, kindly enjoy it promptly, and avoid repeated freezing or reheating to maintain the best texture and flavor.