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Delight Project Bagel Chip Collection 1 SET

Wheat (Gluten),Milk,Soy.


Brand: Delight Porject
Country of Manufacture: Korea
Capacity & Quantity: 67g
Calories: 200 kcal

A collection set to enjoy the best of the Delight Project signature item, bagel chips.
Enjoy various flavors of bagel chips according to your taste and palate.

1. Garlic Butter Bagel Chip 60g
Garlic butter bagel chips made with butter garlic seasoning and Korean garlic.

2. Choco Cinnamon Bagel Chip 50g
Chocolate cinnamon bagel chips with a subtle flavor of cocoa and cinnamon.

3. Honey Butter Bagel Chip 50g
A honey butter bagel chip made with butter and raw honey.

4. Cream Soup Bagel Chip 55g
A light bagel topped with rich, creamy soup powder.

5. Corn Soup Bagel Chip 55g
A crispy snack that reimagines the taste of dipping a bagel in corn soup.