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Healthful Wafer Roll Chocolate

Good till: 7/26/2024


Taiwanese Master Roll Puff Pastry by Healthful Wafer Company

Black Master Roll Puff Pastry is developed and produced by Taiwan's Healthful Wafer Company. While most rolled pastries typically come in just chocolate flavor, under the ingenuity of Healthful Wafer Company, a variety of flavors have been crafted. No matter how many you have, you'll find the crispy and flavorful twist of Taiwanese Black Master Roll Puff Pastry irresistible. Those who have tried it can't help but rave about it. You won't be able to stop at just one bite!


A Traditional Snack that Hits the Spot!

Crunchy, delightful, and available in multiple flavors, our rolled pastries offer a rich and satisfying experience with each layer.


Chocolate Flavor: An Eternal Favorite

The chocolate flavor is an all-time market favorite, capable of winning over not only kids' hearts but also rekindling memories of childhood for adults. Whether it's the eagerly anticipated snack time after school or a simple indulgence, a bite of chocolate-flavored rolled pastry is sure to bring a smile of satisfaction to your lips.


Product Details:


Origin: Taiwan

Shelf Life: 12 months

Indulge in the taste of Taiwan with our Black Master Roll Puff Pastry by Healthful Wafer Company, where tradition meets innovation.